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Katie McMinn Arranging Flowers

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

I’ve never worked in the flowers shop nor do I have any professional expertise in floral design. What I do have is an eye for design and interest in floral arrangements. I have been putting together arrangements in my home for many, many years. During those years, I have learned a few things through trial and error and I’ve learned things from a florist who is willing to answer the questions I have when I enter their shop.

Here is what I’ve learned to make your flower arrangements look like a professional created them.

Tip #1 Use Tape

No, you don’t tape the flowers in place. What you do is create a grid over your container using the tape. Place your stems into the small squared within that grid system.
Vase with a grid of tape on the top

Tip #2 Start Outward and Move in

Start by filling in the outer rim of the grid with your stems. Be sure to fill in each square with stems. As you move your way into the middle keep an eye out for gaps where you need to insert a stem.
Vase with a grid of tape and flowers in it

Tips#3 Cut Conservatively

I measure my stems by placing them up to the vase and marking the length with my finger. It’s always a good idea to start by cutting a short amount off the stems. You can always cut off more if needed.
Kaite McMinn showing the stem of a flower

Tips #4 Size and Shape

As you place each stem into the grid, think about the overall size and shape you are creating with the stems. You want something that is high and full.
spring flowers in a vase

I hope this helps you see how you can create a floral arrangement that looks equally as good as a florist’s. I hope you create a beautiful arrange the next time you gather your loved ones in your home.

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