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Animal Tracks and Hunt

With us having the boys home these days, part of our ‘school schedule’ is learning time. Monday through Thursday at 8 am is the start of our school day. Thomas and I alternate mornings and are tasked with coming up with some learning lesson and activity.

Don’t ask me where this animal tracks idea came from, but I went full force with it. I downloaded an animal tracks image from trusted Google and hand drew animal tracks on a piece of paper. I wanted to just print out copies but our toner was low at the time.

I’ve created an Animal Tracks and Hunt pdf that includes the animal tracks with each name so you know which animal makes which track and then additional pages that are the track only bigger.

After you download and print the guide, have your kiddos cut out the tracks and make guesses as to what kind of animal made them. We talked about how some animal tracks are similar (e.g. a bear and raccoon have the same number of toes and both have claws) and some different (e.g. the bear’s paw pad is a flat circle shape, while the raccoon’s paw pad is a kind of triangle shape).

After we went through each track I had the boys grab a safari hat, notebook, and pencil. As they grabbed those items, I dashed outside and hid the tracks in the backyard.

Let the Animal Hunt begin!

We had so much fun looking for tracks. As the boys found one we’d gather around it and I’d ask them questions about it. What animal made this? Does it have claws? Is it a reptile?

I hope you try this Safari Tracks and Hunt with your kids. I had a lot of fun and I know we all learned something new about animal tracks.

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