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A Grateful Mama Mother’s Day

Well we are gathering as much as you are use to and that’s ok. This Mother’s Day as I’m thinking about my moms and what to do to celebrate the day, I’m reflecting on my experience during the Covid-19 breakout. During this time of global change, I’ve felt unsteady, stressed, anxious, and sad. During this time of uncertainty, I’ve also felt loved, supported, happy, and grateful. I have been able to spend so much, and you know what I mean by so much, time with my kids and I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. We’ve been able to do so much. Everyday Thomas and I plan a “learning” activity for the boys. If you follow me on social media, then you’ve seen all the fun we’ve been having.

In addition to enjoying my kids, I’ve also really been enjoying my time with Thomas. He and I created a beautiful outdoor space on the deck from our master bedroom. It’s our little retreat. We enjoy our morning coffee out there and most nights enjoy a cocktail. As I sit there across from my husband I’m reminded why I fell in love with him. We’ve had meaningful conversations about the life we’ve built together and the future we plan on making. We’ve laughed a lot and truly have connected during this time.

During this time of crisis, I feel there are two types of people. Ones that surrender to self-pity and find themselves in a depression. Then you have another type of person, who chooses to be healthier in all aspects of life and find themselves connecting more.

I’ve been writing in my Grateful Mama gratitude journal every week. It has helped focus on the things that truly matter to me. I am more grounded in my emotions and thoughts and I feel content most days. I’m not saying that if you buy Grateful Mama you will feel content, I am saying that practicing gratitude has brought contentment into my life. This Mother’s Day as we remain practicing social distance, I hope you start the practice of gratitude. I want to share my experience with you so you can find contentment and share it with the mama’s in your life.

I hope that you choose to find some gratitude during this time. I hope you (and your mama) are safe and healthy.

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