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Hint of Lavender

A 10 Year Love Letter

One decade. That’s how long I’ve been married to Thomas. As our 10-year wedding anniversary has been approaching I’ve thought about what I’ve wanted to do and say to the love of my life. I’ve decided to write him a love letter.

To the Man I Love,

I love you because you are strong. You have the strength to talk to me about your feelings, problems and worries. You are strong because you express your emotions, and are not afraid to occasionally cry in front of me.

I love you because you are good to our kids. You get down on your knees and give plane rides, wipe noses, change diapers, cook meals, give kisses, tell stories, sing them to bed, and so much more.

I love you because you are kind. You always tend to my needs and the needs of our children first. Please don’t forget to do some things for yourself, you deserve it.

I love you because you are silly with me. You dance in the kitchen with me, talk in funny voices, dress up in silly things and do it with a smile on that handsome face.

I love you because you forgive. You look past my faults and love me in spite of our differences. Thank you for never keeping score.

I love you because you change the toilet paper roll when I always forget, and the paper towels, and the diaper genie, and the garbage cans…the list goes on and on. Know these small tasks don’t go unnoticed.

I love you because you make me laugh. You smile at me when I’m crying. You crack a joke when I’m mad, embarrassed or frustrated. Thank you for dealing with my ever changing emotions.

I love you because you love me… and that’s all I need.

To the next ten years my love.

Forever Yours,
Your Loving Wife.

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