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5 Hints to Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! I am so excited for this year’s Thanksgiving because there are some exciting things happening in my personal life. I am officially quitting my day job to work full-time here at Hint of Lavender! My last day is the day before Thanksgiving. I feel very grateful to have such a wonderful online community that is so supportive. I want to support you this Thanksgiving by sharing six hints I used when I set my Thanksgiving table.

Before I get into the hints about setting the table I need to cover something quickly. Color scheme. Get on Pinterest or Instagram and find 3-4 colors that you want to use for your Thanksgiving table. Everything you use for your table should fall within that color scheme.

Hint #1 Find a Tablecloth You Love

I love my farmhouse table, however, sometimes I want a lighter and brighter foundation for my table. The first Thanksgiving table I ever set was in college. I used a gold table cloth I found at Walmart and it worked perfectly. I was a poor college student so of course, I didn’t have money to spend on all the little details, but the gold tablecloth made the table feel fancy.

Hint #2 Add a Table Runner

Table runners are a good way to add more dimension to the table. Find one that fits your color scheme. Table runners are also more affordable than table clothes so you can buy a bunch and mix and match.

Hint #3 Centerpiece

Y’all know, I love me a cornucopia. I’ve done one for the last several years. This year I wanted to be different. I found a glass dome at the party store Zurcher’s and some LED lights. I cut some branches from my yard and placed them on the table runner. I then weaved the LED light through the branches and then placed a ba-jillion pumpkins here and there.

If you like flowers go get some and put them in a vase and place a couple of pumpkins around with maybe some tealight candles. Don’t feel the pressure and having to go all Instagram or Pinterest here. You have every right to enjoy the holidays as much as anyone. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

Hint #4 Set the Table

Setting the table comes down to this, use plates, cups, and napkins that you love. I started selling paper plates and whatnot because I wanted an affordable way for people to have beautiful dishes that were easy to clean up. If you have a bunch of stuff you want to use, go for it, keep in mind color. Find items you already have within the color scheme you established at the beginning.

Hint #5 Make Name Cards

Now you can go to Micheal’s or Joanne’s and find everything you need to make name cards, really all you need is paper and a gel pen. Cut a piece of paper down to size and fold it in half, then use gel paint or a gel pen to write each person’s name on a name card. You can have fun with this and find pinecones to use as a holder, or lay them flat on the plate and add an herb sprig.

I really, really want you to have a stress-free Thanksgiving. I’m giving you my Thanksgiving Dinner Planner download to hopefully help you manage the stress that comes from hosting Thanksgiving.

I hope these hints help you this Thanksgiving with setting your table. I hope it takes some of your stress away so you can enjoy the day. Remember things don’t have to be Instagram-worthy, in fact, that should never be a motivating factor for you. Strive to have fun with the people you are around this Thanksgiving because that memory is worth way more than an Instagram post.

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