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5 Benefits of Green Smoothies

I love smoothies! My favorite smoothie is peaches, bananas and cinnamon. But I understand that I’m missing a very key and vital ingredient. Bet you can’t guess it! I have started to add either kale or spinach to my smoothies so that I’m getting more greens. That way when I’m enjoying my yummy smooth fruity goodness, I’m also getting somewhat of my daily veggie intake. Why not drink your veggies, I always say.

I had no idea how beneficial green smoothies can be. I just knew I needed to eat more things that are bright and vivid green. Little tid bit, the deeper, more vibrant the color of veggie and fruit the higher amount of vitamins and minerals.
green veggie benfits

Here are my four go to green smoothies. I hope you enjoy them, if you try one let me know. IM me on Facebook or Instagram.


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