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4th of July Tees

I am always on the search for kid activities. This year I was also on the search for some cute 4th of July tees for the boys. Enter kid activity. The ones I could find on Instagram and Amazon were either cute and expensive or dull and cheap; not the best of combinations. I had this idea of letting the boys make 4th of July tees. Handprint American flags. Totally patriotic and I love anything that has my boys handprints on it. Win. win.
I grab two white tees in each of the boys size and found my bright red Martha Stewart paint. I brought out two different blues, a navy and a teal. Both boys picked teal so teal we went. I painted Liam’s hand a beautiful shade of teal blue and pointed to where he should place his hand. We painted a few blue handprints to represent the blue and white star portion of the flag. With a few good red hand swipes the McMinn American Flag tees were complete.

Keep an eye out cause the boys will be sporting these tees as we let freedom ring this 4th of July.

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