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Toddler water games

4 Water Activities for Toddlers

It is hot, hot, hot, this time of year. All my boys want to do is play outside. I do my best to keep them indoors from 11-3, but sometimes I can’t help it. I want them to stay cool and have fun, and I don’t want to lug the pool out, inflate it, and fill it with water. While we did have fun over Memorial Day weekend with the pool it’s just not realistic to do every day.

So I’ve come up with four fun water related activities to do with Liam and Jaxson. I had fun watching the boys play during the different activities. From water painting to rain making and sink or float to fill up the cup, we all had a good fun spending time outside as a family. And getting a tad wet, I should add.

Activity #1: Water Painting

Activity #2: Rain Down

Activity #3: Sink of Float

Activity #4: Fill Up the Cup

If you end up trying an activity let me know. DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

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