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31 Things to Do With Your Family at Your Home

During this time of global change, I find myself gathered around my husband and our two boys. I have been teleworking since mid-March and I saw this mem that complete speaks to this situation with teleworking, social distancing, isolating, and motherhood. It was Mary Poppins on the left with a bird on her finger and she’s all wholesome and motivated to rock the next 4-6 weeks of being at home with two young kids. Under Mary is say me at week one of isolation. Then on the right side is Miss Hannigan from Annie, she’s holding a bottle of vodka and looks tired and defeated. Under her says week 4 of isolation.

In my attempt to not turn into Miss Hannigan and compiled 31 things to do as a family to entertain your kids and remain as close to the sane and happy Mary Poppins. Here is my list.

I hope this helps you and your family during this time of uncertainty. Let me know which of the 31 you end up doing and which are the biggest hit with your little ones. I hope this finds you safe and healthy.

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