Recap of 2018

written by Katie McMinn December 31, 2018
2018 Recap

A lot of exciting things have happened this year. It has really been a great one. The year started out with Jaxson’s birthday and than my birthday. Thomas also launched his podcast Carseats and Coffee. He interviews parents, but mostly dads, about their upbringing and they life now as a father. It is brilliant, funny, and heartfelt. I hope you check it out.

Come Spring, I attended a Marketing Conference in Boston. Days after returning home w we sold the house that Thomas and I spent almost a decade remodeling. I didn’t think I would be emotional about selling it, but my children are born in that house. I was a lot more emotional than I had anticipated. We moved into a beautiful home and it overlooks the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Mountains are practically our backyard.

Katie McMinn Moving

Shortly after we moved, I published my first book Big Girl Decisions, which is my memoir and journey to motherhood. The book is about my fear of becoming a mom only to take the plunge to have a miscarriage, which broke my heart. As you all know I went on to have two beautiful boys sometimes life heads in a different direction and you have to just let go and enjoy the journey of it, which is easier said than done.

Katie McMinn Book launch

After publishing, Thomas and I traveled to Boulder, Colorado. Thomas and I explored Boulder we laid by the pool a lot and really just enjoyed each other’s company. We needed a kid-free weekend to unwind from moving into a new house and the book.

Thomas and Katie McMinn in Boulder Colorado

I spent the last of summer and beginning of fall promoting the book. In the chaos of that alI, I was lucky enough to have a girl’s weekend in Carpinteria, California. We camped on the beach, relaxed, talked about our kids and ours dreams. It was truly a weekend to rebalance myself.

Girl’s weekend in California Girl’s weekend in California Girl’s weekend in California

Apparently I was not the only one who needed some rebalancing. Thomas and the boys wanted a break from everyday life, so we took a family trip to Bear Lake. We stay in an adorable cabin, and the campground had some many fun kid activities for the boys.We spent our days at the lake and our evening either in town enjoying a famous raspberry shake or back at our cabin.

Katie McMinn and sons the beach of Bear Lake

Once back from Bear Lake, we celebrated Liam’s fourth birthday, Thomas’s 37th birthday. On the Saturday after Black Friday, right before the holidays got into full swing, we took our first international family trip to Cancun, Mexico. The boys loved it there and the thing that I’m most grateful for about this trip is now feeling ready to take more family trips. I’m hoping that 2019 we’re able to go on many more adventures together as a family.

Katie and Thomas McMinn in Cancun Mexico

I hope 2019 brings you happiness, joy, and adventure. Love you all.

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