2016 Resume Rules

written by Katie McMinn April 24, 2016

If you are getting back into the workforce the first step is to revamp your resume. In this highly digital world, no more printing your resume on pink paper and spraying it with your signature scent (Thank you to all of you who got the Legally Blonde reference). Now you either email or most likely upload your resume into an online system.

Resume FI

If the idea of working on your resume overwhelms you, relax. I’m here to help you.

Helpful Hints

1. Hyperlink your info.

Your contact information should be hyperlinked, along with your social media accounts. Yes, employers are looking at your social media accounts. May want to rethink those party pics you posted over the weekend.

2. Stand out the crowd.

Make your resume different from the others by added an artistic element. Ever see a creative resume? Google that right now, they are fun to look at. Combine the artistic elements of a creative resume with a traditional “word doc” resume. If nothing else, make your name stand out by using a different bolder font and use a bright color that reflects your personality.

3. Customize for every job.

Look at the job description for the which you are applying. Look for key words in that description to add to your resume. E.g. if you use the term “strategic planning” you use “strategy writing” change your resume to reflect the job description. This will get you past those nasty virtual robots that review the applications first.

4. One page… no more.

In this digital world resumes are being viewed online. A resume such give an accurate picture of you and your experience. Someone who has been working for over 25 years can take two pages if needed, a kid fresh out of college not so much.

Resume FI ME

To all of you out there searching for a job, I hope this article was useful. If you need more help in this area, I know a handsome man (aka my hubby) that can consult you during this process.

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