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Hint of Lavender

2 Mountain Floral Cornucopias

Two years ago, I shared a Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece post. Here’s what I thought back then, “Go purchase an array of beautiful flowers. Flowers that make you feel happy. Take an empty two-liter bottle. Cut a hole in the bottle and fill it with water. Stick your beautiful flowers (that make you feel happy) in the hole. Place the beautiful flowered filled two-liter bottle in the cornucopia and call it a day.” Need a bit more detail on those instructions? Watch the video from two years ago.

I still appreciate florals in cornucopias, but this year I did something a little different. I took a walk in my neighborhood. I live on a mountainside nestled in Salt Lake County so there are some areas that are open and have a lot of foliage. I walked around there with a bag and some garden snippers and cut any foliage that I found beautiful.

I came home, spread out my findings on my kitchen counter, and began stuffing two cornucopias. I created these two cornucopias. I figured why spend money on flowers when I have beautiful things growing in my neighborhood.

I may have to rinse and repeat come the big dinner day. Happy Thanksgiving.

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