10 Summer Bod Ready Workouts

written by Katie McMinn April 17, 2018
10 Summer Bod Ready Workout

Summer is right on our heels and before we know it is going to be time to run around in our bathing suits. After having children, I have been searching for different types of workouts to keep me motivated to workout. I’ve gather 10 beautiful and strong women in this month’s 10 series. Please check out the YouTube videos to see these 10 amazing women.

1. No equipment Full Body Workout

This workout is from Kelsey Wells and includes: reverse lunge and glute kick-backs, scissors, tricep circles, in and out jumping squats, prone leg extensions to-taps, drop push-ups, straight leg jack-knives and toe tap, sumo pulse squats, push-up to side plank, and fire hydrants.

2.Five Exercises for Bigger Biceps

This workout is from Hanna Oberg and includes: bicep curl with rope, tricep push-up, lying bicep curl, sitting narrow curl, sitting tricep push-down, one arm bicep curl, overhead push-up with bumbell, and one arm tricep push-back.

3. Full Body Cable Workout

This workout is from Tammy Hembrow and starts with a warm up on the treadmill and some stretching. It then moves into: reverse grip row, squat, glute pull through, upright row, one arm lat pulldown, bent over kickback, hip abduction, and cable crunch.

4. First Time Gym Workout

This workout is from Brooklyn Fit and includes: EZ bar curl, straight bar tricep extension, straight bar lat extension, DB incline bench rows, branded smith machine squats, and DB sumo squats.

5. Glute and Legs

This workout is from Lizeth Barreto and includes: jump squats, walking lunges, crab walk, crab walk with resistant band, commando, shoulder taps, walkouts, walkouts with jump, tricep dips, plank, hand and toe touch, bicycle, and bicycle with resistant band.

6. Tone & Shape Your Arms + Chest Workout For Women

This workout is from Whitney Simmons and includes: single incline dumbbell press, tri-set of chest (dumbbell flies), tricep (triceps dips), and bicep (alternative bicep curls), super-set of tricep (cable tricep extension) and chest (chest crossover), and drop-set bicep (bicep curls).

7. 12-Minute Full Body Pyramid Workout

This workout is from Betty Rocker and includes: snap climb pop, leg extension, sumo side kick squat, cross punches, box jumps, and bicep curls.

8. Gym Exercises for Toned Arms

This workout is from Erin May Henry and includes: lat pull down, seated cable row, straight arm pushdown, bent over rows, barbell bicep curls, tricep cable pushdown, preacher curls, assisted and tricep dips.

9. Sexy Back and Upper Body Workout

This workout is from Carly Rowena and includes: scapula retraction, negative chins, reverse cable cross-over, face pull, single arm row, bent over row, upright row, and BB deadlift.

10.Full Booty Workout

This workout is from Malin Bjork and includes: crossover bench lunges, crossover bench lunge with a weighted press, squat cable extension, dumbbell squat, single leg press, reverse cable extension, single leg extension, leg raises, and scissors.

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