10 Summer Sangria’s

written by Katie McMinn July 30, 2018
10 Summer Sangria

I love to sit outside on my back porch, curl up in my patio chair, sip a flavorful cocktail and look at the beautiful mountains. Sometimes, it is laying on a blanket and looking up at the stairs with Thomas as we enjoy a gin and tonic or a mojito. I wanted to bring you a sense of my summer nights by doing a roundup a 10 summer inspired sangria’s. As always the recipes come from 10 different bloggers, click on their links below to find the recipes.

1. Strawberry Rose

This strawberry rose sangria screams light, refreshing, and fruity. With a bottle of rose wine and strawberry vodka, how could it not? I hope you try this sangria by Jennifer, blogger of Jennifer Meyering.

Strawberry Rose Sangria

2. Watermelon and Pineapple

Summer meets a tropical paradise, that’s what you get with this sangria. The watermelon is light and refreshing and complements the sweetness of the pineapple. Sharon, blogger of What the Fork Food came up with this recipe.
 Watermelon and Pineapple

3. Mango and Berries

I would never have paired mango and berries, but Lisa, blogger of Downshiftology. This sangria has the fruit vibes for sure. The orange liquor and bottle of white wine surely add to the fruitiness.
Mango and Berries Sangria

4. Lemon Blackberry

I love the combination of lemon and blackberry. It’s a match made in tartness for sure. Cathy, blogger of Lemon Tree Dwelling. The tartness of this drink is cut with a bottle of champagne. Anything that has champagne in it is a go for me.
 Lemon Blackberry Sangria

5. Strawberry and Peach

Nothing screams summer more to me that strawberries and peaches. Not only are the delicious in pies; according to Diana, blogger of 365 Days of Easy Recipes, they make a mean sangria. This cocktail is packed full of delightful summer flavors.

6. Margarita

I love a chilled margarita on a hot summer day sitting out poolside. I never would have thought to combine a margarita and sangria. Tieghan, blogger of Inspired Home did, she combined her love of both margaritas and sangria to make this next drink.
Margarita Sangria

7. Ginger Peach

If you don’t know by knew you should know my go-to drink is a whiskey ginger, so I was, of course, excited about this next sangria. Jeanie, blogger of Love and Lemons came up with this sweet and spicy sangria that is to die for.
Ginger Peach Sangria

8. Citrus Sangria

This citrus sangria includes a boatload of citrus with lemons, limes, oranges, and citrus vodka. I can’t give away all of Krista’s secret. She is the blogger of Joyful Healthy Eats and the creator of this tangy tart sangria.
Citrus Sangria

9. Grapefruit

I had a Christmas break I college where I ate a grapefruit every morning. Now anytime I have a grapefruit I think of that Christmas. Why not enjoy Christmas in the middle of summer, right? This drink is refreshing and will keep you cool (like on a cool winter’s day). It’s brought to you, by Lyuba, blogger of Will Cook for Smiles.

10. Champagne Limoncello

My girlfriend love prosecco, with that being the champagne used in this drink I naturally thought of my friend. This sangria is filled with strawberries and mango and is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day. Jacqueline, blogger of Go Go Go Gourmet is the creator of this wonderful drink.
Champagne Limoncello Sangria

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