10 Outdoor Activities for the Kiddos

written by Katie McMinn June 19, 2018
10 Kid Outdoor Activites

Oh June, the beginning of summer. Kids are out of school and before you know it they are whining about being bored. Oh, the joys of summer. In this month’s 10 series, I’ve rounded up 10 bloggers who have outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained. Thank you to all of you have contributed.

1. Bubble Snakes

Who wants plan out bubbles when you can make bubble snakes? Debbie, blogger of One Little Project has got it right. Check out her blog to find out how to get some bubble snakes in your backyard.
1. Bubble Snakes Activity

2. Lego Minifigure Knock Down

Does your kid love legos? They can enjoy them even more this this outdoor knock down game provided by Kristina, blogger of Toddler Approved.
2. Lego Knock Down Activity

3. Scooping and Sorting Lids

Liam loves things to be organized and I know he will love this scooping and sorting lids game brought to you by Jenae, blogger of I Can Teach My Child.
3. scooping and sorting lids

4. Squirt Gun Races

My boys are in a phase where everything is a gun. They will love this squirt gun races; almost as much as Thomas and I will. Find out how to create this fun activity on this fun blog This Grandma is Fun by fun grandmas Sherri, Tracy and Debbie.
Squirt Gun Races	Sherri, Tracy and Debbie	This grandma is Fun

4. Coke Bottle Bowling

Outdoor bowling is a game for the entire family. Find out how you create this fun activity for your family on Melissa’s blog Polka Dot Chair.
5. Coke Bottle Bowling

6.Sand and Rock Box

My boys are obsessed with construction trucks. So much that last year Liam and a construction birthday party. I’m excited to try this outdoor activity brought to you by Jaime, blogger as Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.
6. Sand and Rock Box Actvity

7. Outside Sticky Wall

I’m exited to see how Jaxson reacts to this activity. Just think of the outdoor things you can stick to this wall. If you want to create this sticky wall in your backyard check out Susie’s blog Busy Toddler.
7. Sticky Wall

8. Rock Tic-Tac-Toe

All you need for this activity are rocks and paint. Jenae blogger of Tater Tots and Jello came up with this fun and easy way to entertain your kids. And I mean come on, who doesn’t like a game of tic-tac-toe?
8. Tic tac Toe

>9. Big Maze

I remember sitting in class and drawing maze after maze in my notebook. I never imagined creating a life size maze for my kids. Apparently, Jamie blogger of Hands On As We Grow could imagine a life size maze.
9. Big Maze Outdoor Kid Activity

10. Cardboard Painting

At first when I saw this I was like on one way, then I thought the kids are painting outside, when all the painting is done; I can just strip ‘em down and hose ‘em off. Not sure Alice, blogger of New Young Mum did that to her sweet toddler.
10. cardboard Painting

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