10 Easter Party Ideas

written by Katie McMinn March 20, 2018
10 Easter Party Ideas

We are having our first family Easter party this year. As I was combing the Easter boards on Pinterest I realized this would make a perfect 10 series for the month. I have collected fun filled Easter Party posts from 10 bloggers. Enjoy!

1. Garden Carrot Cupcakes

This fun and festive cupcakes by Lizzy, blogger of Your Cup of Cake is so delightful. The kiddos will love snatching those strawberry carrots from the dirt and eating up. One thing I really like about this idea is that it would totally work for an adult Easter party too.

2. Cheetos Carrots

Kids love Cheetos! I think most kids would be thrilled to receive this carrot party favor. I appreciate party favors that are quick, easy and don’t take a ton of brain power. This perfect favor idea from A Thirty Mom is the perfect favor for any Easter party.
2. Cheeto Carrots

3. Layered Peep Treats

If peeps are your jam than this layered peep treat is what you need to make for your Easter party. This colorful creation was made by Kristin blogger of Yellow Bliss Road, which by the way is the cutest name for a blog. Be sure to check it out.
3. Layered Peep Treats

4. Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

I think this is the best activity to do with your kids, in addition to the traditional Easter egg hunt. It does take a bit more prep then just laying some plastic eggs around the backyard. You can print out the checklist for free visit Janel blogs A Mom’s Take to get that checklist.
Layered Peep Treats	Kristin	Yellow Bliss Road

5. Easter Napkin Holder

I love this idea because sometimes it’s a mess to make sure everyone has the utensils they need. This way you wrap up all together, literally in a bow and then you don’t have to think about utensils. Sara blogger of Our Best Bites show you everything you need to do to create this wonderful holders.
5. Carrot-Napkin-Bundles

6. Plastic Egg Challenge

My kids love a good challenge and they love building blocks, so this game is right up their alley. Only you have to do is place a bunch of plastic eggs in front of the kiddos and tell them to build, build, build. This wonderful idea was brought to you by Kim blogger of The Resourceful Mama.
Plastic Egg Challenge

7. Marshmallow Bark

I honestly only think of Christmas when I think of candy bark. When I came across this bright and beautiful bark I was excited to serve it at my Easter party. Jessica, blogger of Butter with a Side of Bread can show you how to make.
Marshmallow Bark

8. Egg Popper Tree

Ok so my boys also like to pop things. The moment I saw this activity I knew I wanted to try it at our Easter party. This exciting game was created by the Studio DIY.
8. DIY-Egg-Popper-Tree

9. Paper Bunny Ears

We do a lot of crafts at our house, especially during the cold winter months. Now that it’s spring I like to celebrate most holidays by doing a family craft. I think this one is perfect for our Easter party, because I want to watch all the kids running around wearing them. You can make these bunnies ears too, Jen blogger of The Suburban Mom will show you how.
9. Bunny Hats

10. Pretzel Duck and Bunnies

Seriously, how cute are these pretzels! I love em. I’m pretty sure mine are going to look a tad different then Debbie’s blogger of One Little Project. She is obviously a pro and I’m a first timer, but I do think these are a great addition to any Easter Party fare.
10. Pretzel Ducks and Bunnies

If you want to see our Easter party you need to follow me on Instagram. I will be documenting the entire event, start to finish.

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