10 Date Night Hairstyles

written by Katie McMinn February 6, 2018
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It’s the month of love and Thomas and I go out on dates more than usual. I don’t always have time to get dolled up like I used to and thank god we now have Pinterest. Right? I’ve put together a roundup of 10 date night hairstyles, all of which feature either a braid or a twist. I want to try all these hairstyles during this “month of love” and I hope you do too.

Amber Fillerup

1. Double Dutch Braid

I’ve talked about the wonderful Ms. Amber Fillerup blogger of Barefoot Blonde before and of course I had to include her in this 10 series because like I’ve said before she is the queen of hair. I chose to include her double Dutch braid because it’s effortlessly beautiful. I like the easy going-ness of this hairstyle.

Silvousplatits Hairstyling

2. Cage Braid

Shannon, blogger of Silvousplatits Hairstyling has created this beautiful braid that looks like something out of Game of Thrones. If you want a strong and distinctive braid this is the hairstyle you want to try.

Paper and Stitch

3. Braided Messy Bun

This braided twist of a bun is so elegant. Brittni, blogger of Paper and Stitch shows us how easy it is to create. I want to rock this hairstyle at a nice fancy dining establishment, where I can wear a nice, fancy dress to go with it.

Anne Sage

4. Half Up Braid

I have a difficult time looking away from this pic, I get lost in the pattern of the twist. Everyone knows I like the more unkept look, which is why I chose this hairstyle created by Anne, blogger of Anne Sage. I think this hairstyle is perfect for a dinner date or a romantic date running down the bowling alley. This hairstyle is so versatile, which is another reason ehy I chose it.

Freckled Fox

5. Twisted Side Bun

Tired of the same old braid bun? Me too! That’s why I love Emily, blogger of Freckled Fox. First off the name of her blog is so cute and clever, second she has great content. Like this twist of a bun hairstyle.


6. Top Braid Ponytail

The thing I like most about this hairstyle is the braid looks like it falls through the ponytail, which is so cool. Kassandra, blogger of Kassinka has so many amazing hairstyles. I had a difficult time chose which one I wanted to include in this round up.

Hair Romance

7. Twist Back Half Up

This twist back hairstyle is so pretty. I love how beautiful the front part of the twist looks on the gorgeous red locks of Christina, blogger of Hair Romance. This style would be perfect for a picnic date or night out on the town. Gotta love the versatile styles!

Missy Sue

8. French Braid Mohawk

I like this Mohawk because the French braid gives it an edgy look. Missy, blogger of Missy Sue has so many get hair tutorials. But if you’re looking for a cool style this is the right one for you.

The Wonder Forest

9. Messy Braided Crown

I love a good crown braid, but the thing I love about this one is how it’s messy. The locks that fall down around Dana, blogger of The Wonder Forest give this carefree feel to the hairstyle. And really who doesn’t want to be carefree during a date?

Dani Marie

10. French Braid Bun

Buns are so Jackie O. However, this bun from Dani, blogger of Dani Marie is different. While this hairstyle is ladylike, like Jackie O is has a messy and relaxed feel like Kate Hudson. I love this look.

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