10 Autumn Pies

written by Katie McMinn September 28, 2018
10 Atumun Pies

It’s fall ya’ll! I have dove head first into pumpkin spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon. I love the fall and I get a baking bug come this time of year. So to bite this bug in the butt (lol too much?) I’ve rounded up 10 bloggers with exceptional pie recipes that will put you in the fall spirit.

1. Caramel Apple Pecan Streusel Pie

Ok I’m all about a good caramel apple, but adding to a pecan streusel! Mind-blowing! I think Jen, blogger of Baked by an Introvert nailed it when it comes to combos and autumn inspiration.
Caramel Apple Pecan Streusel Pie	Jen	Baked by an Introvert

2. Gingerbread Cream Pie

I’ve had a many good gingerbread in my life, but I can’t say I’ve had a gingerbread pie. When I saw that Lauren, blogger of Lauren’s Latest created a gingerbread cream pie I was intrigued.
Gingerbread Cream pie	Lauren	Lauren's Latest

3. Autumn Apple and Blackberry Pie

My boys would be all about this pie at the moment. Liam is all into apples and Jaxson has blackberries with almost every breakfast. This pie created by Aberdeen, blogger of Aberdeen’s Kitchen is sure to be the all-star at my house.
Autmun Apple and Blackberry Pie	Aberdeen	Aberdeen's Kitchem

4. Sugar Cream Pie

Doesn’t sugar and cream just sound like a dream (again, too much?) I think this is the pie you have to make when the air turn chill and all you want to do is sit by the window and watch the leaves fall. I’m sure Hayley, blogger of The Domestic Rebel and created of this recipe, was enjoying a slice sitting by her window.
Sugar Cream Pie	Hayley	The Domestic Rebel

5. Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Pie

One year my sister asked me to bake her a sweet potato pie, being the outstanding older sister that I am, of course, I made her the said pie. Now I know my pie didn’t compare to the pie Sally, blogger of Sally’s Baking Addiction has created. I think this is the new Thanksgiving Day pie! Who needs pumpkin?
Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Pie	Sally	Sally's Baking Addiction

6. Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Now you know I love me a good apple pie and salted caramel is so the thing right now. Amie, blogger of Wall Flower Kitchen did it right. Keep it classic with a touch of trendy.
SALTED CARAMEL APPLE PIE	Amiee	Wall Flower Kitchen

7. Cranberry Orange Custard Pie

Another creamy pie. I love custard and the cranberry orange combo could put anyone in the mood for crisp air and golden colors. Danielle, blogger of The Creative Bite nailed it with this recipe.
Cranberry Orange Custard Pie	Danielle	The Creative Bite

8. Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie

I had to add at least one pumpkin recipe. Who is ready for some chocolate swirls with that pumpkin? Katie, blogger of Healthy Seasonal Recipes took a risk; and like Sally, took a classic and gave it a twist.
Chocolate swirl pumpkin pie	Katie	Healthy Seasonal Recipes

9. Apple Rhubarb Pie

One last apple pie recipe, but I had to include it because rhubarb intimates me and I need to overcome that fear. Sarah of My Frosted Life fearlessly enter the kitchen and made rhubarb bend at her will. This delicious apple and rhubarb pie is definitely how I’ll get my boys to eat a veggie and fruit in one meal.
Apple Rubbarb Pie	Sarah	My Frosted Life

10. Blackberry Pie

I was inspired earlier this month to create a blackberry macaron recipe but failed epically, so perhaps I’ll just make this pie instead. Kristine, blogger of Kristine’s Kitchen tackle this pie recipe and created a delightful pie.
Blackberry Pie	Kristine	Kristine's Kitchen

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