How to Take Better Care of Yourself

written by Katie McMinn May 9, 2017

As a mom, wife, and women you need to take care of yourself first. I know, easier said than done. I’ve talked to a lot of women over the years and I always seem to find one common theme; and is that we are all bad at taking proper care of ourselves. Believe me, I get it. For the last three years I did nothing for myself. I was either growing a tiny baby in my belly or breastfeeding a baby. This is the first summer in three years that I’ve been able to make personal decisions that only affect me. I can enjoy that beer on a hot summer day, I can workout until my body is about to fall unto the floor in exhausting, and I can use whatever beauty products I like without worrying about them harming my baby.

I feel a freedom this summer. A freedom that I never expected to feel. With this unexpected freedom has come greed. I want to get Lasik, I want to fix these droopy boobs (though I don’t know if I will or not), I want facial treatments, and to work my body out to the extreme. I also want to drink all day, leave the house with my husband after 8:00 pm whenever we feel like it and not have to coordinate a babysitter, and I want travel somewhere new every single month.

While this last list is unrealistic for my newfound mama bear life, the first list is realistic. I can finally get Lasik (and am mid-May), I can get a boob job if I so choose, and I can use fabulous collagen filled, anti-aging, make me look like I’m 20 again beauty products and my children will not be directly affected. This is my point, I am experiencing this freedom and while I was feeling like a self-centered, greedy little brat; I’ve realized this is not self-centeredness, but self-care. Hey, we have to but the oxygen mask on first before we can help anyone else right? I’ve vowed to take better care of myself so I can be a better wife, mother, and person.

I’ve realized a whole list of things I do to take better care of myself. Here are three things I do on a weekly basis to help me stay balanced and take better care of myself and my family.

1. Music.

Most of you know I’m a singer songwriter. While I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to, I sit down and play the piano, sing, and write every week. Writing a new hook or chorus is my therapy. It fills me with joy, confidence, and peace. I always find myself in a better mood after I’ve sat down and played for a while.
Kurt Bestor five piano guys

2. Running.

I actually hate running, but then I love it. I love the natural high it gives me. Much like my music, I’ve had therapeutic breakthroughs during a run. I was on a run last summer when I decided to write my first book. While, I’m not a huge fan of running, it fills me with calmness, clarity, and strength.

3. Facials.

I give myself an at home facial every Sunday night. I’m somewhat addicted to beauty products. After the boys are in bed, I light a candle in the bathroom, put on one of my favorite Pandora stations, and I go to town…on my face! Lol I cleanse, exfoliate, mask, peel, moisturize. I breathe and repeat again in seven days. After a good facial, I feel relaxed, pretty, and ready for the week.

Now these are three self-care things I do to keep my emotions balanced, my body strong, and my mind realistic. Self-care look differently to everyone, hence the “self” part. I hope that after reading this you give yourself permission to take better care of yourself.

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